Moonlight Labs

Development Simplified


Mobile & TV Apps

Native apps for iOS and Android utilizing advanced graphics, location services and intelligent notifications.

Web Platforms

High performance websites and APIs to serve millions of users and process large volume payments.

Machine Learning

Transform business data into intelligence to generate real-time predictions.

Crawlers & Search Engines

Aggregate massive data sets across the web to transform unstructured text into searchable, structured content.

Research & Development

Can it be done? Find out quickly and efficiently with prototypes and experimental development efforts on a fixed budget.

Development Simplified

What can we help you build?

Our team embeds with yours to understand business objectives first, then outline a technology plan that fits your budget and timeline.

Expertise in Search

Get More out of Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is an ideal choice for user-facing search applications as well as many dashboard and reporting applications. Getting started with Elasticsearch is easy, but correctly mapping your dataset and tuning it for optimal performance is hard. Our team has years of experience building sophisticated, large-scale search applications with Elasticsearch, Solr and Lucene. We have proprietary tools to build complex data indexing and transformation pipelines and toolkits to build easy-to-use search interfaces for end users. When you face these challenges, we can help:

  • Designing failure-resistant and large-scale Elasticsearch clusters
  • Reliable and consistent indexing
  • Complex data mapping for geo or other special requirements
  • Real-time autocomplete and lookup indexes
  • Complex search user interfaces and UX for web or mobile
  • Monitoring and alerting frameworks

Featured Application

Stock Wall Live for Apple TV

Real-time stock quotes are the perfect screensaver for the front lobby and conference room.

  • Reliable ticker symbol lookup
  • Ability to add symbols via Siri or autocomplete text entry
  • Customizable themes and a TV optimized layout
  • High-performance REST symbol lookup API in Go
  • Heuristically optimized symbol lookup results
  • Card based UI in Swift