A Venture Technology Studio
Building Better Startups.

Technology is Intellectual Capital

Moonlight Labs is a Venture Technology Studio. We provide software, technology leadership, and integration services to help companies reach critical business milestones in exchange for cash and equity.

Similar to a Venture Capital firm, we share a vested interest in the success of our portfolio companies, helping to ensure their technology is a core asset rather than a liability.

Our approach helps our portfolio companies achieve objectives faster and greatly increases their valuations.

We can provide:

  • CTO-level Advisory and Executive Team Augmentation
  • Architectural Review and Recommendations
  • Technology Roadmap Development
  • R&D and Prototyping
  • Patent Development
  • US-based Software Development Teams


Technology changes. Fast. Our studio model allows us to engage with specialists in many fields and bring their expertise to bear for your technology stack.


Smart Contracts, Blockchain Security and NFTs are ready for prime-time.

Mobile & TV Apps

Native apps for iOS and Android utilizing advanced graphics, location services and intelligent notifications.

Web Platforms

High performance websites and APIs to serve millions of users and process large payment volumes.

Machine Learning

Transform data into predictive analytics and real-time decision support.

Crawlers & Search

Aggregate massive data sets across the web to transform unstructured text into searchable, structured content.

Research & Development

Can it be done? Find out quickly and efficiently with prototypes and experimental development efforts on a fixed budget.