Privva - Compliance Assessment as a Service

A SaaS offering to enable large scale compliance assessments across a range of operational areas

Privva Dashboard


Moonlight Labs engaged with the Privva founding team to transform their partially validated product offering into a full-service SaaS offering. The Moonlight Labs team developed the first several iterations of the product and collaborated with Privva to develop advanced capabilites.



Jumpstarting the development of the Privva platform with CORE enabled the team to begin developing specialized functionality in days, not weeks. Rapid iterations with the founding team and early feedback from customers led to a quickly optimized user experience and new high-value features.

Key Features

  • Automated survey workflows and notifications
  • Advanced reports and customizable scoring capabilities
  • AI-based recommendation system
  • Dynamic dashboards and visualizations


Once launched, the Privva team was quickly able to fully validate the business case and begin onboarding large enterprise customers. They subsequently completed their next fundraising targets and the Moonlight Labs teams helped onboard an in-house team for versions 2.0 of the platform and beyond.

Privva was acquired by Entreda in November 2021.